No Rejection! What Next?

Hey all!

We just got the pathology report from Jake’s second biopsy post transplant and once again there are no signs of rejection. His white counts are coming down, neuro report is clear for any negative activity, blood clots are superficial and he is starting to feel better. At this point the hospital talks discharge because he is SO STABLE! So, what next?

To put it in the simplest terms: A LOT!

Discharge? Does that mean going home? Not for Jake. Because Jake is in a wheelchair, he usually uses his arms a ton to get around and be independent in most daily tasks. However after a major heart surgery there are two rules: don’t push and don’t pull with your arms. 🙄 Jake is back to square one physically: total assistance with every task for at least 4 more weeks. As a result we will be going to an in patient rehabilitation center right here in Chicago.

This afternoon we filed transfer paperwork with the social worker to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab). This is the number one rehab center in the WORLD, 26 years and counting. The newly remodeled center just opened in March of 2017 and it’s the highest quality I’ve ever seen! See the photos below!

If approved we will be at the center for at least five weeks. So looking at coming home mid July. We however have a ton to do before we get home. Not just get Jake’s strength back but also a lot of remodel back at the apartment. Jake is now super immunocomprimised, and we have mold issues in one of our bathrooms, and ten year old carpet and we never updated the shower to make it accessible for Jake because when he was electronic he didn’t take showers.

So now comes my least favorite part of my life since Jake got sick. We need money, and we need it for two reasons: 1. Updates and sanitizing our apartment so it’s safe for Jake to come home & 2. Pay for six more months of rent and bills in Chicago. We unfortunately did not get insurance approval for transplant until March when we were expecting approval in January. So for that reason we only fundraisers money through December 2017. But now the doctors here at University of Chicago want us to stay until Jake’s one year transplant mark in May of 2018. So here is the breakdown of expenses.

Mold Removal: Should be paid by landlord

Updates to bathroom & Shower: $400

Carpet Replacement (Yup we have to foot this bill): $2,000

Professional Cleaning of Furniture: $300

Cleaning of Air ducts and sanitizing of washer & dryer: $300

Professional Sanitizing of Apartment: $300

Six months more rent: $12,000

Six months more bills: $5,000

Transplant Medications until Medicare and Supplemental insurance kick in: $5,000

Hospitalization for Transplant and Rehab: $3,000

Follow up visits and biopsies: $2,000

Current Medical Debt Outstanding: $37,500

If you want to give you can do so here:

Or mail to:

Jake Gonzales

1258 S Blue Island Ave Unit 101

Chicago, IL 60608

If you liked to donate more tangibly we have an amazon wishlist that you can find below. It’s mainly cleaning supplies, bathroom adaptations and spf stuff (as Jake is at very high risk now for skin cancer).

Thank you all so much for the prayers and love!


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