Spoken & Written Words Matter

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.38.18 AMWords matter. But is the spoken word more or less important than the written word?

I used to love speaking in front of people, and I used to think I was pretty good at it. Whether that’s true or not is not the focus, but my attitude is important. When I think of words impacting others, I used to think that spoken words were more impactful than the words written down.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading. I used to love reading books, articles, newspapers, and I even loved to read outlines of sermons. The collection of books is getting too big even for my liking. But at the end of the day, I never valued written word the same as spoken word. If I am even more transparent, I took for granted the spoken word as something to be expected.

Don’t we all take for granted how we audibly communicate with each other? It’s doubtful that you have recently taken time to be thankful for the ability to express yourself through spoken words. Gratefulness only comes when there is realization of blessings experienced, and rarely do people realize the blessing go saying “I love you.”

Think about how powerful words are in life. You can express love, hate, fear, sadness, joy, trust, faith, etc. The Bible speaks of the importance of words and the necessity of having control of your words. The spoken word can build others up or tear them down. They are so important that we listen to music, podcasts, radio, sermons, classes, and discussion panels.

But what happens if you couldn’t speak again?

Well, that happened to me. One day I was able to freely speak and when I woke up I was unable to say even one word. I couldn’t tell my wife that I loved her. Something so simple became impossible. The impossible felt so defeating and paralyzing, and each attempt to squeeze a single word compounded the emotional turmoil. Seeing loved ones hunched over my hospital bed and trying to comfort me was beautiful and torturous. I felt both peace and frustration because I understood everything and had no way of reciprocating the love that was being spoken to me.

Ever since then, I have been a steady road of recovery. I have gone from not being able to speak a word to being near clear intelligibility. Of course, this journey is not over and will be a lifetime of slow improvement, but in two years I have improved more than doctors ever thought possible. I’m still in therapy today, but hopefully one day I will have the confidence to teach again.

For now, what do I do to express myself?

Write. Here on this blog.

Back to my ramblings about the importance of the written word…

For now, the best method that I have to communicate with all of you is this blog. The importance of the written word is chiefly shown in the Bible, God’s word. God’s word includes His spoken words as well, and both His spoken and written words are of the same value and have the same significance. The example of God’s spoken and written words being of equal importance has shown me that this blog can be used for good things.

Whether someone says or writes the following sentence, hopefully it will be used to encourage and motivate:

God loves you.

Jacob Luis Gonzales


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