Update and a Plea

Hey all! I wanted to give everyone an update on Jake and our family. A few days ago Jake turned 28, it's weird think about him getting older. Time has been a tricky thing to track since he got sick and I often have to remind myself that life is moving on and we're actually… Continue reading Update and a Plea


Mending, Moving and Money

Hey All! It’s nearly 5 months since Jake had his life saving heart transplant and almost a whole year since we moved to Chicago! Time is a complete blur. Jake is doing well, we’ve had a couple health complications as a result of the transplant but, everyone said the first year post transplant is a… Continue reading Mending, Moving and Money

Jake, Singles

Life Plugged In

Yes, that is an x-ray of my actual chest. And yes, you are indeed seeing a foreign object on the right side of the image. That foreign object affected life in almost every way possible. On July 18, 2015, a Left Ventricular Device (LVAD) was surgically placed to assist the heart pump blood, which a weakened… Continue reading Life Plugged In

Jake, Singles

In the Wake of Trauma

An injury that is not visible to the naked eye effects approximately two percent of the U.S. population, and, in my opinion, is fairly often neglected when referring to the disabled community. I suffered this during my first hospitalization and no one had any clue it occurred until I regained consciousness. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is not… Continue reading In the Wake of Trauma